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Digging into the Customer Experience: Banking and Credit Cards

Corporate Insight’s Bank Monitor, Credit Card Monitor and Small Business Card Monitor provide ongoing coverage of the products, websites and overall customer experience offered by the nation’s leading banks and card issuers. Our value-added banking and credit card research digs deeply to evaluate the retail and small business customer experience.

Small Business Credit Card Alerts PDF Print E-mail
The July Small Business Card Monitor Report examined the account alerts available for small business card holders. We examined the alerts offered by eight credit card companies, with a focus on accessibility and the features of alerts centers, the types of alerts offered, and the quality of emailed account messages. This month’s report evaluates alerts based on the following criteria:
  • Access
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
Industry Overview PDF Print E-mail
This Credit Card Monitor Report provides an overview of the online services provided by each issuer in our coverage group. For each issuer, we concentrate on the self-branded card products available to prospective clients, along with their current promotions and fees. To help provide a rounded summary of each firm’s overall offerings, we detail four of each firm’s cards in a comparison chart. We also investigate the online card management services offered by each firm, focusing on three main areas offered within the private site of each Credit Card Monitor firm: private site navigation and design, recent activity and statement centers, and self-service features. Though all 10 firms provide these features and tools, each firm offers its own variation. To augment the discussion of each issuer, we call attention to any especially notable and interesting tools or feature on each issuer’s private site.
Online Statement Centers and Paperless Enrollment PDF Print E-mail
In this Bank Monitor Report, we dive into the private site statement capabilities of each Bank Monitor firm, not only investigating the design of the statement center and the depth of its archive, but also looking at the secondary tools provided by each firm for managing statements and enrolling in paperless delivery. Specifically, the report focused on three main criteria:
  • Format of Online Statements
  • Tools to Enroll in e-Statements
  • Depth of Archive
Small Business Credit Card Mobile Apps PDF Print E-mail
The June Small Business Card Monitor Report examined the mobile apps maintained by Small Business Card companies. We looked at the iPad, iPhone and Android apps offered by seven firms, focusing on features provided for card holders, as well as the apps’ usability and design. This month’s report evaluated firms’ mobile applications based on the following:
  • Capabilities
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
Credit Card Fees PDF Print E-mail
While often an afterthought to flashy rewards programs, credit card fees are increasingly playing a sizable role in the process of choosing a prospective credit card. As American consumers continue to deal with a sluggish economy, prospective customers may be drawn to those cards that promote lower fees and offer greater flexibility concerning when those fees are applied. To that end, this Credit Card Monitor Report looked at several common fees charged across our Credit Card Monitor firms to provide an overview of the industry, as well as looked at where these fees stood in 2012, the year of our last report on this topic. Specifically, this report focused on the following:
  • Current Fees
  • Previous Fees
  • Change in Fee Requirements Since Last Report
Bank-centric Spending and Savings Tools PDF Print E-mail
This Bank Monitor Report covers spending analysis and savings tools offered by banks within our coverage group. Additionally, to help banks benchmark their tools and understand their position in the marketplace, we included one personal finance app – Level – and an account aggregation and one budgeting website – Mint – in our research. We noted whether banks provide a mobile version of their tools, if clients can input outside accounts to track overall spending, whether tools provide guidelines for spending based on income and expenses, and what tracking and follow-up options are included in tools. Specifically, this report focuses on the following:
  • What types of tools are provided?
  • Are they available as mobile apps?
  • How do they compare to Level and Mint?
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