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Digging into the Customer Experience: Banking and Credit Cards

Corporate Insight’s Bank Monitor, Credit Card Monitor and Small Business Card Monitor provide ongoing coverage of the products, websites and overall customer experience offered by the nation’s leading banks and card issuers. Our value-added banking and credit card research digs deeply to evaluate the retail and small business customer experience.

Private Site Homepages PDF Print E-mail
This Small Business Card Monitor Report examines the private site homepages of our Small Business Card Monitor group. The primary purpose of the private site homepage is to provide access to the rest of the site and to offer top-level account balance information. This report focuses on the accessibility and the overall layout that private site homepages provide.
Cold, Hard Cash: How to Make a Bundle with Cash Back Cards PDF Print E-mail
The best cash back cards offer straightforward earnings options, include introductory 0% APRs and enable users to easily redeem their cash back earnings. This Credit Card Monitor Report looks at both the current cash back card product offerings and the selection of cards available in 2011. In addition to raw statistics and product details, our investigation includes a breakdown of what typical card holders can earn during the first year their account is open based on spending $1,000 per month. As we investigated each issuer’s cash back offerings, we focused on the following issues and features:
  • What are the standard features for each cash back card, such as APR, annual fees and reward distribution?
  • What are the base and accelerated earnings amounts and structures for each cash back card?
  • How have each of the cards’ features changed since the last cash back card report in 2011?
Show Me What You’re Made Of: A Look at Online Banking Demos PDF Print E-mail
The best demos and private site introductions provide users with a comprehensive walk-through of the private site in an intuitive and simple-to-use interface. For some firms, this includes test drive features, interactive sections or full demos where users can make sample transactions or test different tools. Other firms use a more traditional Flash-based site walk-through with audio voiceover. Regardless of the type of demonstration a firm employs, the best banks make their online banking demos easy to find, linking them from multiple sections of the public site. This Bank Monitor Report considers secondary demos dedicated to a single functionality or section of the site, along with how well firms promote these demos. Firms that offer mobile banking demos, in addition to online banking demos, are also reviewed in this report. As we investigated the demos offered by each Bank Monitor firm, we focused on the following issues and features:
Employee Card Management PDF Print E-mail
Small business credit card issuers provide small businesses with the option to add employee card plastics to a primary small business account. Along with these cards often comes a suite of online employee management tools, allowing business owners to manage how much their employees can spend. Some firms offer additional features as well, like employee expense reporting and individualized card design. Finally, card accounts may allow for “view-only” or limited private site access for employees. This report examines the online employee card management and employee account access tool available from Small Business Card Monitor firms.
Live Chat Tools and Customer Service PDF Print E-mail
For this report, we reviewed all available live chat tools provided on the public and private sites of the firms tracked by Credit Card Monitor. Firms were not graded based on the content provided by the customer service representative, but rather on the tools themselves. Firms that do not offer live chat tool capabilities fail to offer a major online customer service component. This report focuses on the accessibility, features and capabilities of live chat, instead of judging the quality of the CSR. As we investigated each firm’s online Live Chat tools, we focused on the following issues and features:
  • Is the chat tool available and easily accessible on both the public and private sites?
  • Is a general purpose customer service chat offered, or instead is it product/service specific?
  • Does the live chat tool offer any additional features that are beneficial to the client?
Reloadable Prepaid Cards PDF Print E-mail
This Bank Monitor Report looks at the various prepaid cards offered by the firms in our coverage group, of which six currently offer personal prepaid cards. A prepaid card, which does not need to be linked to any traditional deposit account, allows users to load money onto a card and spend it anywhere debit cards are accepted. Unlike with a credit card, prepaid cards do not allow users to spend more money than they have put onto the card and often do not require a credit check to open.
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