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Digging into the Customer Experience: Banking and Credit Cards

Corporate Insight’s Bank Monitor, Credit Card Monitor and Small Business Card Monitor provide ongoing coverage of the products, websites and overall customer experience offered by the nation’s leading banks and card issuers. Our value-added banking and credit card research digs deeply to evaluate the retail and small business customer experience.

Small Business Credit Card Mobile Apps PDF Print E-mail
The June Small Business Card Monitor Report examined the mobile apps maintained by Small Business Card companies. We looked at the iPad, iPhone and Android apps offered by seven firms, focusing on features provided for card holders, as well as the apps’ usability and design. This month’s report evaluated firms’ mobile applications based on the following:
  • Capabilities
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
Credit Card Fees PDF Print E-mail
While often an afterthought to flashy rewards programs, credit card fees are increasingly playing a sizable role in the process of choosing a prospective credit card. As American consumers continue to deal with a sluggish economy, prospective customers may be drawn to those cards that promote lower fees and offer greater flexibility concerning when those fees are applied. To that end, this Credit Card Monitor Report looked at several common fees charged across our Credit Card Monitor firms to provide an overview of the industry, as well as looked at where these fees stood in 2012, the year of our last report on this topic. Specifically, this report focused on the following:
  • Current Fees
  • Previous Fees
  • Change in Fee Requirements Since Last Report
Bank-centric Spending and Savings Tools PDF Print E-mail
This Bank Monitor Report covers spending analysis and savings tools offered by banks within our coverage group. Additionally, to help banks benchmark their tools and understand their position in the marketplace, we included one personal finance app – Level – and an account aggregation and one budgeting website – Mint – in our research. We noted whether banks provide a mobile version of their tools, if clients can input outside accounts to track overall spending, whether tools provide guidelines for spending based on income and expenses, and what tracking and follow-up options are included in tools. Specifically, this report focuses on the following:
  • What types of tools are provided?
  • Are they available as mobile apps?
  • How do they compare to Level and Mint?
Online Promotion of Small Business Credit Card Apps PDF Print E-mail
The May Small Business Card Monitor examines the online promotions for mobile apps and websites. Our analysis focuses on how prominent credit card firms make their promotions and what sorts of technology is employed to present information. Additionally, we examine the features available on credit card mobile apps. This month’s report evaluates firms’ mobile promotions based on the following:
  • Availability
  • Delivery of Information
  • Promoted Features
Credit Card Product Pages PDF Print E-mail
For this report, we reviewed all available product pages provided on the public sites of the firms tracked by Credit Card Monitor. Firms were graded based on the design and organization of each page, the amount and presentation of the information provided, and whether customers could easily navigate between the product pages of the credit cards offered. Firms that offer multiple types of credit card product pages based on external branding were graded by their most self-branded prominent cards. As we investigated each firm’s online product pages, we focused on the following issues and features:
  • Are firms using a standard product page template for all of their card products?
  • Do firms focus on rewards capabilities within their promotional pages?
  • Which quicklinks to additional resources are offered?
Hardcopy Statement Analysis PDF Print E-mail
When analyzing paper statements, we looked for statements that make it easiest for clients to understand the basics of their account status, along with those that provide in-depth transactional information and announcements. Ideal statements include initial references to all account balances, group information in a logical and easy-to-follow order and offer tools that help clients understand their balance from the start of the statement period to the end. With these concepts in mind, we focused on the following aspects of each paper statement we reviewed:
  • Is an Account Summary section provided at the beginning of the statement?
  • Does the firm offer a consolidated statement for clients with more than one bank account?
  • Are colors, capital letters, shading or different fonts used to signal section breaks?
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