Study Preview Now Available: The Innovation Advantage

Posted on April 2016

Corporate Insight is excited to announce the upcoming release of our latest syndicated study, The Innovation Advantage! The study provides a detailed analysis of companies outside of the mainstream financial services space that deliver cutting-edge customer experiences, and offers actionable insights into how financial institutions can learn from these innovations and integrate them into their own digital platforms.

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Mobile Innovators 2015 Study

Posted on March 2016

Corporate Insight is proud to announce the release of our latest study, Mobile Innovators 2015! The study reviews the digital experience offered by leading financial apps in the payments, banking and investing space. We offer an inside view of the mobile design and capabilities offered by industry disruptors, giving established firms competitive insights to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The study includes:

  • Detailed walkthroughs of mobile and tablet functionality, illustrated with screenshots
  • Discussion of the apps' wearable capabilities, particularly surrounding the Apple Watch
  • Our assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each financial app
  • Our perspective on the implications these alternative technologies have for the financial services industry

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Next-Generation Investing 2015: Digital Advice Matures Study Preview

Posted on September 2015

Next-Generation Investing 2015: Digital Advice Matures is our new comprehensive study on the leading investing and personal-finance related startups in the digital advice industry. The study will cover the past, present and future of these fintech startups and will provide particular value to firms facing the decision to buy, build or white-label a new financial technology solution.

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The Changing Face of Financial Advice: 2015 and Beyond Study

Posted on April 2015

Corporate Insight is proud to announce the release of our latest study, The Changing Face of Financial Advice: 2015 and Beyond! The study analyzes the challenges that financial advisors face in serving their clients, opportunities that exist for improving current customer satisfaction and acquiring new clients, and how the FA-client relationship is poised to evolve due to industry, demographic and technological factors.

Some of the questions addressed in this study include:

  • To what degree do advisors understand the customer experience elements that matter most to investors?
  • What makes clients end a relationship with a financial advisor?
  • Which "robo" advisor models pose the greatest threat to the traditional brokerage advisory model?
  • Which technologies are most helpful to financial advisors and their clients?
  • How can financial advisors improve their offerings to enhance client satisfaction?

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Transcending the Human Touch: Onboarding & Product Strategy for Automated Investment Advice Study

Posted on August 2014

Corporate Insight is proud to announce the release of our latest study, Transcending the Human Touch: Onboarding and Product Strategy for Automated Investment Advice! The study will examine the strategies and best practices for new client onboarding and delivering online advice with little or no human touch.

Five Examples of Strategy Questions the Study Addresses:
  1. How can a firm onboard new clients without a human financial advisor?
  2. Should firms use flat fee or assets under management pricing?
  3. Is offering aggregation of outside investment accounts necessary?
  4. How can firms create an online investor questionnaire that serves both unsophisticated and engaged clients?
  5. Should a firm’s recommended portfolio use active or passive management?

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2014 Investor Survey Report Preview: Investors' Digital Behavior and Preferences

Posted on June 2014

CI's 2014 Investor Survey Report examines the relationship between retail investors and their brokerage firms, identifying the Web and mobile features that matter most to different types of investors and have the greatest impact on their overall satisfaction. In our research, we conducted over 1,500 interviews among a sample of brokerage website users. Our analysis explores the behaviors and preferences of key demographic groups including mass affluent and high net worth investors, mobile brokerage users, active traders and more.
Complimentary Report Preview
To learn more about the report, we invite you to download our 2014 Investor Survey Report Preview featuring a seven page excerpt that focuses on brokerage website usage behaviors, preferences and trends.

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The Millennial Shift: Financial Services and the Digital Generation Study Now Available!

Posted on April 2014

Corporate Insight is proud to announce the release of our latest study, The Millennial Shift: Financial Services and the Digital Generation! The study helps financial services marketers,product managers and strategists to better understand Millennials and identify effective tactics for serving this demographic. Click here to view the full table of contents.
Five Questions the Study Addresses
#1 How do Millennial attitudes/behaviors differ from those of earlier generations?
#2 What financial product features do Millennials value?
#3 Which financial services firms seem to be effectively targeting this group and why?
#4 What are the most effective ways to use technology to market to and serve these consumers?
#5 How can financial firms use education, gamification, social media and other innovations to connect with Millennials?
Study Preview Featuring Excerpts
The preview contains six pages from the study focusing on Millennial mobile and digital usage trends and the importance of education as a tool for connecting with young investors. Use the image below to get your study preview: 

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DC Plan Participant Survey Report 2014

Posted on January 2014

For over 20 years, Corporate Insight has closely monitored and analyzed the online customer experience offered by financial services firms. Building on this extensive industry knowledge, we launched our Website Audit benchmarking service in 2004.

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Full Study Out Now! Next-Generation Investing: Online Startups and the Future of Financial Advice

Posted on October 2013

Corporate Insight is proud to announce the release of Next-Generation Investing: Online Startups and the Future of Financial Advice, the first comprehensive study on the investing- and personal finance-related startups that have emerged in the wake of the financial crisis. The study represents the culmination of nearly two years of research, encompassing over 100 online startups pioneering a wide variety of unique investment ideas. The Next-Generation Investing study offers detailed analysis of ten categories of unique investment products and services including:

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Bank Customer Survey Report – Free Preview

Posted on June 2012

Corporate Insight conducted an online survey of 1,000 bank customers to understand the relative importance of online banking features, mobile banking behaviors and the overall customer experience. We tabulated the data for 13 key demographic segments focusing on a variety of customer types.

The Bank Customer Survey Report summarizes the key findings from that survey. The report includes an executive summary examining the preferences of the total survey sample and detailed findings focused on six major themes: Bank Customer Demographics, Banking Website Attributes, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Service, Major Banks and Mobile Customers.

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